Cheers to Spring // Happy Box Store *Giveaway*

Happy first day of Spring! Cheers to a *Spring Giveaway* from the most darling gifting company, Happy Box Store. It’s {finally} time for new blooms and warmer days, and of course, to start gifting happy through the year!

Happy Box offers pre-packaged and customized boxes, filled with gift ideas for a bride-to-be to a dog mama to a bestie getting over a break up to a birthday girl – the options are endless. And, they ship directly to you, your friend or loved one so you can gift easier. For most people {more like everyone}, gift giving is an area that can create unnecessary stress, indecisiveness, feelings of defeat and procrastinating tendencies. Happy Box truly makes your gift giving journey stress free and fun, with the click of a few buttons. Even more, L&H is a total Happy Box lover and has already gifted a couple of boxes to date this year!

Being that I come from a family of sister’s and I am a loyal supporter of female business owners {especially in Hoboken}, I was excited to learn more about the dynamic duo behind this brilliant and creative e-commerce gifting platform. Meet Hannah and Ariel Redmond. They are both side hustling sisters, who are on a mission to make our lives easier, sassier and prettier all around. Mission completed!

{Pictured below: Ariel to the left, Hannah to the right}

By day, Hannah is a Strategy Director and Ariel is a Creative Director. They’re both at different ad agencies in Manhattan where they work full-time. “We love our jobs, but we’ve secretly always wanted to work together. We knew we’d crush it – the skills I lack, Ariel has and vice versa. In short, I’m the MBA and she’s the designer – together we’re a powerhouse,” Hannah explained. “We feel like there’s a huge gap in the gift giving industry. People don’t want to spend a ton, they want the ability to personalize and to give something unique–all done simply and conveniently.”

Ariel and Hannah are Hoboken residents and local bar-goers, who live 3 blocks away from each other. “We both love Happy Box Store, making these fun, gift boxes and are stoked that people seem to like them too!”

Read below to learn more:

What prompted them to start Happy Box?

“When Ariel was in college, she went through a really bad breakup close to Valentine’s Day. I, being an AMAZING big sister, sent her a care-package to help her get through it. We’ve honestly been making them and sending them to friends, boyfriends and each other every since! We’ve come a long way from those days, but we do still have a Break Up Box and yes, there’s a voodoo doll in it!” {Note: voodoo doll is directly below}.

What do they love about their business?

“Our boxes are super fun, so we make sure every step of our business is fun too. From ideating to curating them to building them–if we don’t love what we do, why bother?”

What is their favorite part of owning their company? 

“We love reading the sweet notes people send each other. We handwrite each one and it’s really heartwarming to hear how much people care about each other. On a larger scale—we love that we’re women CEOs. We’ve met so many amazing entrepreneurial women who are succeeding and crushing it along the way, it’s really incredible. Hoboken is a great place for a startup. We really appreciate all the love and local support from our fellow Hobokenites!”

What inspires you to keep going? 

“Having a side-hustle is seriously hard. I think we honestly believe in the idea, and that’s what keeps us going. We believe we’re doing something no one else is doing right now, which really inspires us. We both push each other a lot, and sometimes we pick up each other’s slack, but ultimately, we love what we’re doing and at the end of the day it’s quality time with each other, so what’s not to love?”

L&H is truly inspired by the ladies behind Happy Box and we can’t wait to see what the years to come will bring for these boss babes!


As mentioned on Instagram, Happy Box Store has curated a customized Lincoln and Holland Spring themed box {that’s worth around $56+} packed to the brim with some favorite, popular items that we will be giving away to a lucky winner – as a kick off to Spring! The giveaway begins on Monday, 3/20 and ends Wednesday, 3/22 11:59 PM PT Midnight.

To enter, you must follow these 4 instructions on L&H’s Instagram Announcement: 

  1. Follow @HappyBoxStore on Instagram
  2. Follow @LincolnandHolland on Instagram
  3. ‘Like’ this photo on Instagram
  4. Under the comments section, tag 2 friends AND leave 1 emoji that best represents your HAPPY feelings that Spring is finally here

Important Notes: *You must be located within the USA and *You may only enter one time only.


Items you might be lucky enough to find in your L&H Spring Box!

  • 4 floral coasters
  • Pineapple wine stopper
  • Spa Face Mask
  • Cupcake Lip Balm
  • Cute Notebook
  • Confetti
  • Lavender Face Mist
  • Customized Cosmetic Bag {can be printed with your Instagram handle or your name, etc.)


Xx L&H

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